LockLeads by Trade Show Toolkit
Where am I? What is this?
If you came to this web site, you are probably wondering why you keep getting emails sent to your name @lockleads.com with a bunch of weird random numbers! Well let me explain... LockLeads is a system designed to protect YOUR email address so you stay in charge of the emails you receive from the trade shows you attend. You recently went to a bridal show or other trade show, and that show producer has purchased the LockLeads system on your behalf!

This means that the vendors you met on the show floor will NOT get your real email address! They get the lockleads.com address instead. Every time they send an email to your LockLeads address, we will forward it to you, but with a Click Here to Unsubscribe link attached to the message.

So if you don't want to hear from John Doe photography anymore, just click the link and enter your email address to confirm. It's that easy!
We hope you enjoy this little feature, you can view our official Privacy Policy for the legalese.

Have a great day!

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